Timothy j Almestica(non-registered)
This day was a fathers dream and it was a great day for her mother and I
Christina Ratliff(non-registered)
I cannot say enough of how Dan & Kim took some awesome pictures. Their dedication, time, and emotional involvement was above and beyond. I am so glad I had them taking the wedding pictures, the clarity and detail have been amazing.
Irina Hall(non-registered)
These two great individuals, husband and wife, are truly The Most Professional and Gifted Photographers in USA. The opinion is based on my professional experience in modeling for
last 10 years. The overall experiece was worthy a life journey while outcome of pictures is artistic and extraordinary.
Thank you, guys, for THE MASTERPIECES YOU CREATE!!!
Chris and Tisha Appleton(non-registered)
We are so happy and proud of you two. The journey now begins and this day was a beautiful start. My favorite part of the day was your first dance. It was just special. Thank you for including our family in your day. Agape,
Chris, Tisha Ethan, Aayana
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